Upgrade events


You can find us at the following locations: 


31st October at the Point Walter Boat Ramp - 9am until 10am


14th November at Hillary's Boat Ramp- 9am until 10am


5th December at Leeuwin Boat Ramp- 9am until 10am

 NOTE: all Old4New events will be cash free. EFTPOS machines will be available.  

 If you would like more information about when future Old4New events will be running please contact us at old4new@royallifesavingwa.com.au

The following conditions apply at all upgrade locations:

1.  To purchase a new inflatable lifejacket from RLSSWA* an old, damaged or obsolete lifejacket must be upgraded

  •  Auto-inflating lifejacket (red) and Manual-inflating lifejacket (blue) - $65.00 each

2.  A maximum of two lifejackets per person can be upgraded to a new inflatable lifejacket from RLSSWA*.

3.  There will be a limited number of lifejackets available for purchase from RLSSWA* at each metropolitan event.

4.  The lifejackets will be sold/given out on a first come first served basis.

5.  Recipients of the lifejacket upgrade must participate in a presentation covering lifejacket information, wear and maintenance.

*Royal Life Saving Society WA 

A list of participating retailers is available at the link below.

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