Upgrade events

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You can find us at the following locations   


  • Tuesday 16 July, 4pm to 5pm - Coral Bay Boat Ramp, Coral Bay *vouchers only
  • Thursday 18 July, 4pm to 5pm - Marina Boat Ramp, Madaffari Dr, Exmouth *vouchers only
  • Friday 19 July, 2pm to 3pm - Onslow Boat Ramp, Beadon Creek Rd, Onslow *vouchers only
  • Saturday 20 July, 3pm to 4pm - Wickham Boat Ramp *vouchers only
  • Sunday 21 July, 9am to 10am - Port Hedland Boat Ramp, Port Hedland *vouchers only
  • Saturday 27 July, 9am to 10am - Broome Community Markets, Broome *vouchers only
  • Saturday 27 July, 9am to 10am - Point Peron Boat Ramp, Rockingham *lifejackets and vouchers


  •  Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 August, 9am to 3pm - FeNaClNG Festival, Bulgarra Oval, Karratha *vouchers only
  • Sunday 18 August, 9am to 10am - Leeuwin Boat Ramp *lifejackets and vouchers
  • Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 August, 9am to 3pm - Dowerin Machinery Field Days, Dowerin *vouchers only

The following conditions apply at all upgrade locations:

1.  To purchase a new inflatable lifejacket from RLSSWA* or get a $15 voucher from DoT**, an old, damaged or obsolete lifejacket must be upgraded

  •  Auto-inflating lifejacket (red) - $65.00
  •  Manual-inflating lifejacket (blue) - $60.00

2.  A maximum of two lifejackets per person can be upgraded to a new inflatable lifejacket from RLSSWA*.

3.  There will be a limited number of lifejackets available for purchase from RLSSWA* at each metropolitan event.

4.  There will be a limited number of vouchers available per person in metropolitan and regional areas.

5.  The $15 vouchers can only be redeemed at participating retail stores and used for the purchase of buying a new lifejacket.

6.  The lifejackets and vouchers will be sold/given out on a first come first served basis.

7.  Recipients of the lifejacket upgrade must participate in a presentation covering lifejacket information, wear and maintenance.

*Royal Life Saving Society WA   **Department of Transport

A list of participating retailers is available at the link below.

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